Training Your Dog to Perform Human Tasks

Training Your Dog to Perform Human Tasks

A dog is a very faithful animal and if trained properly can be a great help to you. Training a dog is not so hard and while there are specific training classes available all around the country, you can also train your dog on your own easily if you know some basic information. As you want to keep your dog as a pet in your household, it would be better if your dog conforms to the behavior expected of it while he lives with you and behaves properly.

It is a very engaging and rewarding for both you and your dog. Dogs, by nature, wants the approval of their owners and want to please them but they cannot do that unless are trained or taught to do what is expected of them. Dogs could be trained to learn a number of tricks, tasks, and things to do which can totally depend on you but there are some things which are essential to be taught so they behave better while living with you.

The most important thing to teach your dog is to be obedient to you. This is the most basic yet essential thing because if your dog is disobedient then it can be a real pain! The most basic commands which you need your dog to recognize and respond to include Sit, Drop, and Come.

Sit is the basic command which can help the owner to have control of the dog in any situation and usually this is the very first command you should teach. To teach your dog this trick simply holds a treat for it to eat close to its nose and move your hand up allowing him to follow the treat by moving his head. This will cause him to lower his bottom. Now when he is in the sitting position, say the command “sit” out loud and give him a treat and share your affection. Repeat this task a number of times regularly throughout the week until you feel like he has mastered this trick and you can move to another one.

The next thing is to teach him to drop. The drop means he has to instantly drop whatever is in his mouth. This can be an essential thing as sometimes it may even save your dog from any harm if you see him pick up anything toxic or dangerous. Dogs are curious animals and when they smell something which intrigues them they pick it up in their mouths. To teach him to drop can be done by placing a different treat in both your hands. Show him one hand first with a treat enclosed and say “drop”. You can let him lick, sniff, mouth, paw or bark to get that treat but ignore all of these behaviors. Once he stops trying to get that treat, give him a treat from your other hand. Repeat this process until the dog knows that when you offer him the enclosed fist and say drop. He must not try to take that treat.

The next thing is to teach your dog to come to you when you call him. This can be done by putting your dog on a leash and collar and going down to his level and uttering the command “come” while pulling on the leash slightly. When comes to you on this command, reward him with a treat and appreciate him.

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