Role of Service Dogs

Role of Service Dogs

Service dogs are professionally trained dogs who can assist people with a wide range of disabilities. Their roles are many in number and varied. They are trained to possess several such qualities that can help their disabled owners get aid from them in performing normal functions that they are deprived of.

These dogs receive about 6 months of training before being out into service and the tasks they perform are more or less dependent on their breed and size. If a dog is to be used for a patient with a specific disability then it might be trained differently. Otherwise, there are general instincts and roles that are inculcated in them through regular training. These dogs are not pets but partners to their disabled owner. They form a team with them enabling them to enjoy the regular activities with minimal hindrance. Some may help to compensate for the hearing disability of their partner and other might do half of the household work! These keep their partners a company by serving several roles in the most proficient of manners. These dogs are a prodigy of faithfulness as they provide support and assistance in times of crisis and prove the quality of loyalty associated with their name in the best manner!

Following are some of the roles they are taught to perform.

            Retrieve Based Tasks.

  • Fetch the portable phone for you.
  • Drag in grocery sacks.
  • Unload grocery items from the shelf.
  • Fetch a drink from the shelf/refrigerator.
  • Get the food bowl.
  • Pick up dropped items from the floor.
  • Unload clothes from the dryer.
  • Assist to clean up the house.
  • Fetch the first aid box or medication basket.
  • Seek & find teamwork – instruct the dog by employing hand signals or vocal cues to; fetch an item out of partner’s reach, locate TV’s remote control, and point at any one of several CDs atop TV cabinet.
  • Remove CDs from the player after the eject button pushed.
  • Use target stick to retrieve an indicated item off shelves in stores retrieve one pair of shoes from a dozen in closet
  • Use a laser pointer to target an object which needs to be retrieved.
  • Drag Cane from one room to another.
  • Drag the walker.
  • Drag the wheelchair when required.

            Non-retrieved Deposit Tasks

  • Put mail in the mailbox.
  • Discard garbage into the junk basket outdoor.
  • Help in loading the washing machine.
    Tug Based Tasks
  • Help in opening the doors when the doorbell rings.
  • Opening the refrigerator or cupboard.

            Assistance in Crisis

  • Can get the caretaker on disabled person’s command and direct him to the location of the partner.
  • Bark for help.
  • Wake the partner up if the fire alarm goes off.

            Medical Assistance

  • Operate the push button device to call 911 in case of an emergency
  • It can lie down on the chest of the disabled partner to help produce a cough when any other aid machine is not available.
  • Get the insulin kit or the respiratory aid in case of any medical crisis when other help is not available.
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