What People Do Not Know About Service Dogs

What People Do Not Know About Service Dogs

People often confuse service dogs with pets and confuse their roles. There are many things that people do not know about service dogs. Some are stated as follows:

            Service Dogs Are Not Pets

According to The Americans with Disability Act, service dogs are defined as dogs who are there to assist people with disabilities. Normally these are confused with pets but they differ from regular dogs by a huge extent. These can be called as “extension” of the person with the disability! This definition demands a different treatment for these dogs as compared to normal pets.

            Cost and Time

People should not take service dogs very lightly. These may display various characteristic and execute some of the human functions with proficiency but this doesn’t come to them easily. They have to go through sessions after sessions of training and exercise which not only costs a great deal of time but also of money. So it is justified if these dogs are costly as compared to regular pets because they have a big capital invested on them. If you spend your money on service dogs, be satisfied that it is totally worth it.

            Retrievers Were Born for It!

Many breeds can be trained and exercised for serving the role of service dogs but retriever, trainers say are born for it! This is something most people are unaware of while choosing the right service dog for them. These love to use their mouth to retrieve things and are termed as the social ice breakers! And these qualities are what is required in a service dog the most. Therefore, it is always advised that people with any disability should first consider a retriever as it will for sure bring comfort in your life in terms of help and assistance.

            Always By Your Side

Service dogs, unlike the regular ones, can accompany you almost everywhere. These dogs can also be taken to shopping malls and market, railway stations and airports to accompany you, given that they are always on the leash. This is a news to some people as they always confuse service dogs to pets which normally have certain restrictions applied to them in public places. Service dogs need to help their partner out with his disability at all times and all places and that is why they have been exempted from the rules for normal pet dogs.

            They too need care!

People think of service dogs as tough as they have gone through rigorous training sessions and exercises and are meant for a professional cause. But this is not the case. They too like normal dogs possess basic emotions of loyalty and faithfulness and crave attention and care in just the same manner. So if a person desires to keep his service dog happy and in form then he must treat him with care and love. This will reap a reward for the owner, as the dog will be able to perform his service role with more efficiency and with all his heart!

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